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We at Arun Laser Ovens Pvt. Ltd. are engaged in manufacturing and exporting of Tunnel Ovens specifically for the Bakery and Biscuit Industries. Our range of products include Ovens for Hard Biscuits, Soft Biscuits, Co-Extruded Biscuits, Cracker Variety, Sponge Cake, Bread, Rusk, Pizzas etc. We specialize in, Direct Gas Ovens, Convection Ovens, Hybrid Ovens & Cyclothermic Ovens. Our sound infrastructure is well equipped with latest manufacturing capabilities, which enable us to maintain the quality and rate of production. Our products undergo extensive tests and are verified on the basis of strict parameters.

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Directed Gas Fired (DGF) Oven

Explore the seamless journey from raw ingredients to mouthwatering baked goods. Discover how an end-to-end manufacturer of baking solutions streamlines the entire process, from recipe development and ingredient sourcing to equipment, production, and packaging.

Learn about cutting-edge baking machinery, ovens, mixers, and automated systems that optimize production. Uncover the role of technology in ensuring consistency, efficiency, and quality at every step, allowing manufacturers to meet diverse baking needs.

Directed Gas Fired (DGF) Oven
Directed Gas Fired (DGF) Oven

Delve into the art of crafting unique recipes tailored to customer preferences. Understand how an end-to-end solution provider collaborates with clients to develop bespoke baked goods using carefully sourced ingredients, catering to dietary requirements and flavour trends.

Discover the final stages of the journey as freshly baked creations are packaged, stored, and distributed. Explore sustainable packaging options that align with eco-conscious values. Learn how we minimize environmental impact while delivering delightful treats to consumers worldwide.

Directed Gas Fired (DGF) Oven

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Elevate baking with innovative products, expert guidance, top-quality ingredients, and advanced equipment. Unleash creativity and achieve perfection with our unparalleled baking solutions.

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ANUTEC - International FoodTec India 2019

We are their at The 14th edition of India•s and most sought after trade fair for food and drink processing suppliers industry- ANUTEC International Food-Tec India